Golf Course Architecture and Resort Planning

Golfplan Associates is a Canadian firm of design professionals capable of providing a diverse range of consulting services in the fields of golf course architecture and related land use as well as resort planning.

Our diverse experience enables us to provide our clients with a comprehensive consulting service, from preliminary feasibility studies and conceptual planning, through design development and implementation, to final inspections of the completed project.  Our services are utilized on projects of varying scope and complexity, varying from remodeling of existing golf holes to the planning and development of international resort facilities.

Since 1984, Golfplan Associates has been providing innovative planning and design services to clients in Canada and abroad in Australia, the Caribbean, the People’s Republic of China, Hungary, New Zealand and the United States of America.

Golfplan Associates is committed to promoting the sport of golf through excellence in golf course design.

Our Philosophy

Just as no two properties are the same, there is no single ‘right way’ to design a golf course.  As golf course architects and design professionals, we believe that the most important consideration in the creation of a new course or the renovation of an existing facility us the quality and appropriateness of its design.  These two factors will ultimately determine its success or failure from an economic and competitive standpoint.

Through our understanding of golf’s strategic design requirements and our extensive knowledge of the technical aspects of golf course development and construction, we create solutions which capitalize on each site’s inherent natural qualities to provide a challenging yet fair test of golf skills.

We recognize the unique set of physical opportunities and constraints presented by each site, and we understand and respond to the specific objectives presented by each client.  In this way we are able to consistently develop unique, enjoyable and cost-effective design solutions.

Wherever the project takes us, our work combines enthusiasm and experience, respect for our client needs and budgets, and an equal understanding and respect for the traditions of golf.



▪ Canyon Meadows Golf and Country Club Rehabilitation
▪ Heavenly Pond Resort Recreation Master Plan, Wenzhou, China
▪ Calgary Golf and Country Club Landscape Improvements
▪ Osoyoos Golf and Country Club Master Planning and Expansion
▪ Country Hills Golf Club Renovations and Landscape Improvements
▪ Maple Ridge Golf Course Renovations and Pond Development
▪ Pinebrook Golf and Country Club Improvements