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Overview of Restorations and Storm Water Improvements

Lombard North Group has been involved in a wide range of restoration projects in municipal, provincial and national parks. In these cases, where natural landscapes were disturbed, we have provided consultation services to restore the areas to blend with surrounding conditions. We are combining those restoration projects with storm water ponds and improvements, which help to improve water quality and and depending on the needs of the client and the project may be designed to blend with the surrounding environment. We’ve completed storm water management projects for residential communities, multi-family complexes, golf courses, municipalities and national parks.


Some of our recent restoration projects include: 

– North West Recreation Area developed over a former landfill, Lacombe Alberta

– Borrow pit restoration and wildlife corridors along Trans Canada Highway in Banff National Park, Alberta

– Reclamation of coulee edge in Cranston Community, Calgary Alberta

– Restoration of erosion along Kingsmere Grey Owl Trail, Prince Albert National Park, Saskatchewan

– Restoration of landscapes and pathways by Sandy Beach, Riverdale and Rideau pedestrian bridges damaged in 2013 flood, Calgary Alberta

– Restoration of eroded river bank and boat launch at Fish Creek Provincial Park, Calgary Alberta

– Restoration of erosion along trail at Writing on Stone Provincial Park, Alberta

– Restoration of flood damage at day use area at Wyndham-Carseland Provincial Park, Alberta


Some of our recent storm water projects include: 

– Storm water catchment areas and dry ponds, Glenway Gate Multi-Family, Calgary Alberta

– Storm water water quality retrofit for Heron and Acadia Ponds in Fish Creek Provincial Park, Calgary Alberta

– Ponds and Canal at New Brighton Community, Calgary Alberta

– Bioswales in downtown corridor, Alix Alberta

– Dry pond leisure area at Martha’s Haven, Calgary Alberta

– Dry pond and sport field development at West Lethbridge Core Facilities, Lethbridge Alberta

– Pond at Crossing Community, Lethbridge, Alberta

– Pond at Uplands Community, Lethbridge, Alberta

– Pond, Magrath Alberta

– Storm water management upgrades at the golf course, Milk River Alberta

– Lagoon restoration concepts, Consort Alberta

– Pond at Gateway Commercial Development, Airdrie Alberta

– Pond concepts, Rosebud Alberta

– Saddle Ridge Parks Depot storm pond concept and development, Calgary Alberta

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Elbow River Pedestrian Bridge Replacements

Calgary – 2015

During the 2013 flood, three pedestrian bridges were damaged and washed away. Lombard North Group, in collaboration with Delcan (now Parsons), provided landscape architectural services for the landscape concepts, design, development and implementation of new pedestrian bridges over the Elbow River.

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